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Author Resources

Author Resources is designed to be a wealth of information for writers and published authors alike. New features will be added so be sure to visit often. In fact, give this page a bookmark in your browser.

Genre Guides

Writing, research, and marketing techniques differ depending on the genre. Use our genre guides to make your book more successful.


Never stop improving your writing craft. Here, you'll findtips ranging from how toprepare yourself for your writing endeavor towhere to find inspiration when you hit a dead-end.


Do you want to read a book riddled with grammatical errors? We didn't think so. Don't push away potential readers just because you skipped a crucial step in the publishing process: editing your book.

Book Marketing

If you want your book to sell, you’ll want to do more than just hope for the best. Check out these tips on how to successfully market your book in a variety of ways.


AuthorHouse offers you experienced advice to make the selling process a little smoother. After all, you have the power to make your book sales reach full potential.

Publishing Event Resources

Information, advice, and resources from publishing events such as the BookExpo America.