• Published: April 2010
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 680
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  • ISBN: 9781449086787

"HEAR HEAR!" is a collection of over 700 letters and articles written by the author to the British Press over the last 11 years of the Blair/Brown governments. John Gouriet has been close to the hub of British politics for 35 years and helped Margaret Thatcher win her first election victory in 1979. Since then Mr. Gouriet has made many accurate predictions, in some cases years in advance of events. He is considered by the Sunday Telegraph to be one of their best letter writers. "Hear Hear!" is written with humour and impeccable logic about politics in Britain and abroad, especially relations with the EU and the US and the two wars. It also contains over 60 very funny and penetrating cartoons by Garland, who was cartoonist of the year in 2008, and a Foreword by Lord Tebbit, one of Lady Thatcher's leading ministers. It is a devastating critique of the actions of many who presume to govern Britain, whether by election or appointment, of all parties. Mr. Gouriet describes how public apathy, avarice and ignorance have been shamelessly exploited in pursuit of political ambition and the establishment of a socialist state answerable not to the Crown or the people but a corrupt alien power known as Euroland. In his view, unless and until the British people re-assert their rights, liberties and rule of law in accordance with the British Constitution they will remain doomed to servitude until the Euro-edifice itself collapses, which the author believes is inevitable. Until then they will have to endure the same furnace that Solzenitsyn predicted. This is the sorry conclusion drawn from one man's daily vigil. This explosive book does not make comfortable reading for those who have failed Britain, but it should prove inspirational for those determined to restore Britain's freedom and fortune.

"Why vote for any of our present politicians?" asks the author. "They have abused our trust, betrayed our country and lined their pockets at our expense - a plague on all their houses (and duck-houses)! We need change badly, but not the obverse of the same coin." John Gouriet is a veteran campaigner who helped Margaret Thatcher into power in 1979, by tackling trade union extremism head-on. His new book "HEAR HEAR!" articulates the views of many voters. Considered by the Sunday Telegraph to be one of their best letter writers, his collected letters and articles provide an explosive cocktail in support of restoring honest government, local representatives, British governance and rule of law binding on all. He covers a broad range of issues from Lords reform to the obscenities of Foot & Mouth mismanagement, from our Christian origins to surrender to the EU. With over sixty cartoons by Garland, leading cartoonist in 2008 and a Foreword by Lord Tebbit, "HEAR HEAR!" provides a compelling snapshot of why Britain is in her current mess and what needs to be done to extricate ourselves. Everyone interested in the fate of Britain and who is responsible should read this book which is an object lesson in how not to run a country. "HEAR HEAR" spells out what many instinctively suspect.

John Gouriet was born in London in 1935 and educated at Charterhouse. His father was a WWI fighter pilot and his mother the daughter of an eminent organist at Winchester Cathedral. An all-round sportsman, John was commissioned into the 15th/19th Hussars from Sandhurst and joined his regiment on active service in Malaya in 1956. He also served in N.Ireland and Germany, in the Horn of Africa and Gulf with the Somaliland and Trucial Oman Scouts, on the staff in Borneo and London (MOD). He passed high out of the Staff College Camberley where he was recommended for Directing Staff as Lt.Col., but was headhunted into a City merchant bank. He joined the McWhirter twins to co-found the Freedom association, plus several other organisations and although active in business, for the last 35 years he has been constantly vigilant in the courts and in public campaigning at home and abroad to uphold the British Constitution, the rule of law, self-governance and freedom of the individual. He led the activist vanguard which resulted in Margaret Thatcher's first victory in 1979 and uniquely defeated the Attorney General in the 'Gouriet Case' in which Lord Denning, the presiding judge pronounced "Be you never so high the law is above you." He has had published a factional novel "Checkmate Mr. President!" based on a game of global chess to emphasise the West's lack of strategic minerals and vulnerability during the 1980s and contributed to a book of essays on freedom, as well as many articles and broadcasts. John Gouriet is married and lives with his wife, Sarah, in Wiltshire. They have three married sons and seven grandchildren. He still campaigns vigorously against EU absorption of our nation and political malpractice as his compilation of letters in "Hear Hear!" reveals.

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