A Darkened Fairytale
  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: March 2011
  • Format: Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 148
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781452000251

Peter: A Darkened Fairytale

In a quiet sleepy place nestle a few tiny houses, a bridge, and a handful of shops. Unknown to Peter, on one particular morning - the morning of his tenth birthday – will reveal more than just the usual collection of presents. Stumbling into a secret place, he travels through many hidden worlds and embarks upon a fantastic journey. Hally the lifelongian, Arnica the maiden, Wind Sail the white witch and a beautiful elf called Slip will all guide him on his quest.

Searching through the Purple Forest, Peter makes haste to rescue a friend, which proves more difficult than Peter could ever imagine. The gentle tale soon finds its way into some very dark places as the evil Cirinian and her followers try to thwart Peter’s progress. Guards, ghosts, spirits and vampirism add to the unknown dimensions that Peter encounters.

A creation of surreal places and characters, Peter: A Darkened Fairytale is an exciting and imaginative fantasy trip from beginning to end.


A drawer is a drawer, and a door is a door, one way in and one way out. What… not sure? A time in space has now arrived for some readers passing by and travelling through in a blip of time, goes so quick, like this rhyme. The thoughts one thinks may not be real and sometimes they will make you squeal. Biting, scratching, tastes hang true, inside this story you’ll meet things new. Must be careful, for if you fall those evildoers will seize all. Taking bodies and minds of prey, trapped, entombed as darkness flays. If by chance you are done, chase the light chosen one. Staring from those eyes so bright, view things given with new sight. For all that see, avoid the dark, a new path is shown near the park. A secret there for all that be, if you’re brave enough, open me!


For all those imaginative souls

A fascinating tale takes the reader on a true flight of fantasy into amazing far-off lands, dramatically expanding the imagination and touching the heart. An exploration of the senses is tantalised through the many unusual characters, while exploring alternate realities. A placid opening of the mystical realms should not be underestimated as they soon lead off and reach into some of the darkest corners of the mind.

A gentle fairytale twists along its path into an unusual and disturbed adventure.


Chapter IV - The Shylong

A short way on, Peter looked up to see a large silver birch tree ahead of him, standing strong. As Peter approached the creepy-looking tree, he saw a board nailed to it, which said: "Gone plinking. Back in two hours." Peter wondered to himself who had been there and what plinking could possibly be. Continuing down the path, he saw that there was indeed a signpost pointing into Shylong Woods. Peter looked inside and was astounded by the beauty before him. The colours were so amazing he could hardly believe it was real. He surely needed to take a quick look into the woods before he visited the fairies.

The glimmer of the sun cut through the partially covered trees as it began to melt the crisp snow on the ground. Rustic reds dominated the scattered fruits which had fallen from the overhanging branches among some sunlit golden leaves of yellow. Peter was apprehensive, as a sense of magic hung in the air. He watched as the delicate daffodils danced in the morning breeze. A green-and-black bristled caterpillar was crawling over a wide textured leaf with incredible balance and no sense of urgency. It was a most enchanted place, where the seasons intertwined and became one. Newly hatched tadpoles flittered through a shallow of water as a pond skater passed by with speed and grace. The air was clean and fresh. It seemed to cleanse, rushing into his mouth and filling the voids in Peter's body. The gathered moisture was sliding down razor blades of grass, and he saw a group of red ladybirds aesthetically arranged upon the olive background. Music and mystery were abundant as the creatures of the forest discussed what their world would hold that day.

A pile of burnt sienna leaves began to stir in one corner next to a collection of rocks and stones in shades of sand. Surging, a blinding flash collided with the overhead canopy, illuminating the woodland floor in a prose of light. The crash echoed in the sky as moody clouds of cottony softness were discoloured by the sullenness from up high. Again there was movement from within the leaves, and a long, thin arm with three bony fingers emerged. Wrinkled and leather-like, the hand patted the ground as it felt around the foliage. A roll of thunder bellowed as the sky turned into a pallet of puce, and screeches began to fill the air. Peter heard a timid cry from the leaves, and an extremely short fellow darted out from his hiding place. The chap displayed a mucky red colour, two big eyes, and flat feet. The snivelling object quickly moved to a large grey speckled rock and, amazingly, transformed into the rock's exact colour. It was certainly an impressive camouflage trick. Reptilian birds began to empower the sky, swooping and diving, creating haunting screams as they flew. Their armour of heavy green scales contrasted against their dark cerise plumage as they glared from bloodshot yellow eyes. The powerful beasts dominated the scenic woods with their snake-like tongues and soft grey lips. Peter watched the surface of the rock as it began to flake away, and the tiny one swiftly ran away toward a nearby cave.

About the Author

Living in a small village in Lancashire, England, the author has written his first book, Peter. In the 1990s, the author had twenty-one articles published, both nationally and internationally. After gaining an honours degree in Geosciences, doing post-graduate study in Occupational Health and Fitness, and earning a masters degree in Science Communication, he developed an interest for simple communication. A passion for writing again emerged, and combining various interests in fine art, museum exhibition display, biology, geology, poetry, and the mystical led to the story of Peter: A Darkened Fairytale. The author still retains a childlike vision of the world, which is conveyed throughout the book.

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