Words of SHADOW and light

A Poetry Anthology
  • Published: March 2011
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 108
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781452034010

This collection of poems represents a cross-section of my work spanning the last four decades. For me, the poems are indicative of a certain restlessness. They are of shadow - the darker side of my nature - although light does peek through on occasions.

There are poems of hope and poems of despair; there are oratory poems of a Milton and Shakespearian tenor. In my quieter moments I have contemplated the beauty of nature and of parenthood. There are poems in which humour plays a part, spiked with a fair measure of cynicism and a little touch of optimism. There are poems of social commentary and thoughtful poems of contemplation.

I would like to believe that this small anthology contains a poem for you. Find just one and I will be satisfied. Find more than one and I will be very happy.


Slowly, silently she tip-toed to the door.
To listen for the sound within,
To understand, and more.
The door creaked.
The hinges strained to hear,
Seductive in their bounded place,
Removed from human ear.
The truth was silence. An emptiness profound.
Her inner thoughts in turmoil,
Without a sound.
Teachers, tutors, temples - all had lied.
She rushed to her bed and cried.

The Front

Shut the door,
Let the shutters stay.
Turn off the lights,
And pray.
Outside I've lost.
Inside sanity sleeps and hides,
Awaiting the tides
Of hatred yet to come.
Shut the door,
Let the shutters stay.
Turn to the shadows,
And grey.
Outside the guns hum.
Inside silence quickens the order,
Awaiting the border
Of dreams and dead days.

JOHN OLIVER was born in the north east of England. He emigrated to Australia with his family in 1965, returning some five years later aged seventeen. He now lives in the market town of Nuneaton in Warwickshire with his wife Anne. He has two grown up sons.

Having completed his `A' levels at King Edward VI school John completed an honours degree in psychology at Bristol University. Having developed an interest in information technology, John has spent the last thirty years developing computer systems within the public and private sector.

In addition to John's interest in writing poetry he is also the author of "POD Theory, A Psychological (P1) and Philosophical (P2) Theory of Tolerance and Selflessness" (AuthorHouse publishing).

John plays, or should I say attempts to play golf and table tennis, he enjoys drinking wine and real ale and, regarding the latter, has been known to down a pint or two on occasions.

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