The Wisdom Huntress

Anthology of Thoughts and Narrations
  • Published: October 2012
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 222
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781477226803

Savanna will take you along a ride through cultural familiarities, all the while passing by liminal experiences that illustrate the importance of being receptive and open-minded in an ever-shrinking world. Her exclusive records cover a range of subjects from love to death, food to music, which harmoniously form this book. The book is presented in a very non-linear progressive manner, opening and closing chapters with a new theme and lesson in mind. Each chapter has its own unique story and purpose, but they all aim together toward the same goal – the acquisition and distribution of wisdom. Meanwhile, each story has an opener in the form of an African proverb or a Kanga saying, meant to help one connect them to the stories told. After experiencing joyous love and heartaches, insecurities and swelling pride, abuses and tender reinforcements, Savanna comes out of the callous jungle of life on top, roaring her victorious cries over the plains of Africa.

MADE FOR ME He who wears too fine clothes, shall go about in rags. --African Proverb They look at me and judge my character from the clothing labels I wear. Just because I do not wear the fancy designer names I am nobody to them. They look at my shoes and laughingly point at them for I am not in the league of those who parade around in Manolo Blahnik trends. My accent is not polished to sound ridiculously foreign as if I have set foot in Africa for the first time. This is a reason enough for them to spit on my face. Their brain has been thoroughly washed like a nappy full of shit once occupied by a clean and spotless bottom. Every day for them, is a day to conquer what was naturally given to them. Once they have done it all, I wonder what will become of them. I will not ridicule myself to please anyone. The dark complexion I have been gifted will not look ashen and uneven because of silly attempts to bleach it pale. My African ass will enjoy swinging in batik and khanga materials instead of being painfully split into half by efforts to squeeze into a pair of jeans. The small, firm and pointed pair of fleshy mounds on my chest will not be exaggerated by plastics and liquids shoved into them, a pudding catastrophe that awaits to burst and intoxicate with its spills. My thick and full lips shall pout their African ancestry until all sorrows are kissed out of me. This body was made for me and none other. I shall take pride to be in it for nobody else in this whole wide world owns one like it. It was made perfect just for me.

Gloria David Gonsalves was born and raised in Tanzania for 27 years. She later migrated to Europe for further studies. She currently resides in the city of Koenigswinter, Germany. As a hobby, she enjoys writing poetry and tales, as well as discovering less frequented destinations and their surrounding nature. Her literary works aim at supporting creativity in others, especially children, by having them participate through drawings or stories. Her aspiration is to support humanitarian related projects with funds raised from her books. This is her sixth published book.

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