Shia Dissociation from Usuli School

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  • Published: December 2013
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This book is about the history of the conflict between Shia sects, how different sects originated and what are the basic beliefs of world known Usuli Shia sect i.e. State religion of Iran, and how it differs from the True Shia religion. Usuli sect was founded only 10 centuries ago, and only 5 or 6 so-called Shia scholars accepted it in 4th and 5th Hijra century. After that for many centuries Shia scholars and public hated this man-made religion. Only few centuries ago Allama Hilli and his company propagated it again, and he was the first to call himself Ayatollah (which is forbidden in Islam). Baqir Behbahani used power and all other tactics to suppress the Shia religion and occupied shia institutions and mosques, so Usuli sect dominated. What are the true teachings of Shia Islam. The religion presented and practiced by Iranian government is not the Tru Shia Islam, infact they are the biggest enemies of Allah, Infallibles asws and Muslims.

Author is from the progeny of 10th Infallible Imam Ali Naqi (asws) being 41st generation of Imam (asws). Majority of the Shias of the world do not know that Usuli Shia sect is totally different from the original Shia Islam. Authors main research is to find the true teachings of Islam from the centuries old books. The main topics of research are: History of birth and evolution of Usuli Shia sect, What are the basic principles of Usuli sect, how they differ from original Islam, How Usuli sect dominated and supressed the original Shia Islam What are the motives of Usuli sect, What are the true teachings of Holy Quran according to the sayings of Infallibles, Why the original centuries old shia books in Arabic were prohibited to be translated into other languages by Usuli authorities, What are the teachings of Infallibles (asws), i.e. their Ahadees (traditions) which were kept hidden until so far, To introduce and propagate the true Shia beliefs e.g. Islam is religion of Love, there is no concept of terrorism in it, there is no compulsion in religion to force others to accept a religion by force, to establish a healthy social society where all races and religions can live together freely without oppressing each other, everyone has the right to practice religion freely, there is no concept in Islam to make a fallible scholar (e.g. Ayatollah) authority over humans and religion, etc. What is the history of Karbala and great sacrifice of Imam Hussain (asws)

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