Chronicle (Full Colour) Package


The Chronicle Christian Package (Full-Colour) has the essential publishing features that will present your message in a beautifully designed book using vibrant, colourful images.


  • Availability in Paperback Format
  • Availability in E-Book Format
  • Custom Interior Design
  • Custom Full-Colour Cover
  • Worldwide Availability through Ingram Distribution
  • Digital Formatting and Distribution
  • 50 Image Insertions
  • Up to 25 Image Enhancement Manipulation


  • ISBN Assignment & UPC Barcode
  • Books in Print Registration
  • US Copyright
  • UK Legal Deposit
  • Library of Congress Registration


  • Electronic Galley
  • Paperback Author Copy
  • 3 Paperback Package Books
  • 50 Postcards
  • 50 Business Cards
  • 5 Posters


  • Google and Amazon Search Programme
  • Press Release to 50 Christian Media Outlets
  • Church Bulletin Insert Design Template (8" x 5") Additional editing, design, marketing, and bookselling services can be purchased separately.

Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the free books, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.