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At AuthorHouse, we’ve helped more authors self-publish more titles than any other company. So whether you’re writing a romantic novel, historical fiction, mystery, action and suspense, poetry, children’s or any other genre, we can help you achieve your publishing ambitions.

Through our unique self-publishing process, you maintain creative control of your book.  We offer a bespoke service; from line-editing to cover design and page layout; from royalties and distribution to marketing and publicity.  For a modest financial investment you can choose what you want for your book.  Our products and services vary in price and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Best of all, one of our team of UK based personal consultants will support and encourage you throughout the entire self-publishing process.
Is this your first book? We can help you self-publish. Is this your 10th book? We can help. To learn more about us, request our self publishing guide, The Writer's Guide to Book Publishing, by completing the information on this page.

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