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Reader's Digest Marketing

Reader's Digest Deluxe - Single Slot


Continuing its commitment to supporting authors’ efforts to reach a wider audience, AuthorHouse now makes it possible for you to promote your book in the very pages of Reader’s Digest.

Where else would you be able to reach your target market? Reach a captive audience of appreciative readers with the AuthorHouse Reader’s Digest Deluxe Marketing Bundle.

  • Single Spot Ad in the magazine (one out of six slots)
  • Press Release - Essential Edition: A Press Release sent to 500 targeted media outlets, the author having the option to decide on the date of send out.
  • A version of your print ad will also be placed in the iPad version of Reader's Digest.

What You Need to Know

A full circulation denotes 3 million copies printed in the US circulation of the general Reader’s Digest magazine. That translates to your ad appearing in every copy of the US issue of the magazine for that specific month.


Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply.