Resubmission to LSI (One Version)


When a book has gone live and the author finds problems, errors or other issues which need to be corrected, we can re-submit the file to the printer to update future copies. If the problems with the book are the result of an Authorhouse error then there is no charge to re-submit the file. If the author is initiating the change based on errors they made or changes they want to make which conflict with the galley that they had signed-off on then they are required to pay £150 for one version.

Please remember that the title and the price (AH or retail) for a book going through resubmission cannot be changed after it has gone live.

The authors are however able to:

  • Make changes to text in galley
  • Make changes to cover text or design
  • Change sub-title
  • Change pen name


Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Some restrictions may apply.