AuthorHouse UK Author Testimonials

Manny Asuzu
Think and Prosper

My book is a book of the mind and how we can make our mind work wonders for us. I had visualized writing and publishing a very successful book. From the writing stage to the publishing stage, this book is like a movie I had watched in my dream. When one believes their dream is true - it actually comes true and the wonderful team work at Authorhouse UK made it all possible.



Ema Fields
Child’s Acre

Child’s Acre is my first published novel which, at first, was the most daunting prospect of my life. However, true to your word, Authorhouse was with me every step of the way, from the production of the galley through to the final accomplishment of the published book. When I first saw my typescript in proof ‘bookpage’ format I was truly amazed. The Authorhouse Design Team had produced first class work. After the long haul of completing the final honing of the typescript, it was a magical moment.

Thank you Authorhouse for your friendship and professionalism on my publishing journey. With Child’s Acre, you have made a lifetime’s dream come true.

Kevin Glanville
The Rendezvous

My book “The Rendezvous” was published by AuthorHouse, I can highly recommend the publisher because the cover design was brilliant, the layout and typeset were first class.

My dealings with AuthorHouse were always helpful and proved to be beneficial to my writing creativity and I found them to be inspirational in all respects.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the services of AuthorHouse to all new and established authors who are seeking a very good publisher.

Rosalie Sheehan
Daffodils in December

Working with Authorhouse has been one of the best experiences for me. I have dreamed of being a published writer for a long time and the guys at Authorhouse made that dream a reality with endless support and encouragement and total professionalism. I will be submitting future books to Authorhouse. Thank you everyone at Authorhouse for everything you have done for me.

Alice Scott


It is an amazing company.

The staff have been a great help to me and have been friendly and polite at all times.

They have without exception been patient with my queries however ‘woolly’ they have seemed. I am warm and woolly and amazed my self by unpicking it all to create a book.

It took two years to complete, a roller coaster journey and a great experience.

It has now has reached a safe haven to RIP in the Authorhouse archives.

May it not gather too much dust.

Elizabeth Greenwood
Collected Short-Stories and Four Novellas, Out of this World: A Space Romance

AUTHORHOUSE have proved to be everything a creative writer would wish for: efficient, courteous and with the highest professional standards, giving just the right kind of support an author needs. I cannot praise them enough for those invaluable qualities and I am looking forward to collaborating with them again.

John Costella
The Four Seasons of Venice – 12 Historical Walking Tours

May I also take this opportunity to thank Authorhouse for the way in which they have helped me through this new passage in my life called publishing, as a complete novice I needed the professional advice which they provided.

More importantly, thank you Charlotte for all the detailed help and assistance which you have given me from day one.

Having enjoyed writing my first book so much, I intend to combine my artistic skills with writing in future, and just hope that these two forms of creative interest will fuse together. My expectations on commissions as an artist have always been fairly pessimistic, even though sales have been reasonably good, therefore I have decided to market my written works with slightly more vigor. If that doesn't work and I fail to receive the Whitbread Book of the Year, so what, I can't think of a better way of 'blowing' my pension!

I am well underway on my next book which I hope to have finished by the end of the year, and I shall certainly be returning to Authorhouse.

Ebony Sutton
Whiskey Bravo Gets His Wings

This is the first book that I have had published and I am so glad that I chose AuthorHouse to be my publisher.

Being new to the publishing world, I found that AuthorHouse gave me all the help and advice that I needed. My Publishing Advisor Gail, explained the publishing process to me and the team in the USA who worked on my book, headed by Mary, were so polite, helpful and very, very patient!

I really felt that I was kept well informed and the deadlines given to me were very realistic and always met by the team. Each stage of the publishing process was a pleasure and not a trauma I would happily recommended AuthorHouse and will definitely be using them again for my next book.

One more thank you – many, many thanks to Kathy, my illustrator, what a superb job you did!

Jessica Lord
Catching The Nearest Way

Having published many academic works and training manuals I decided to write a work of fiction. Having undertaken a great deal of research into my options for publishing a fictional work I decided to work with Author House.

The service and support that I have received was and continues to be excellent. Having worked with publishers before I found the staff at Author House extremely helpful. Whilst retaining control of my work I was offered helpful advice and support in a very constructive way. All of the information that I needed was readily available and I was never once made to feel foolish when asking questions.

I actually had a design for the cover of the book and AuthorHouse were only too happy to work with my design. The quality of the work produced was excellent and the feedback that I have received via my website has been extremely positive.

I have no hesitation in recommending this organisation and I am planning to use them again for another work of fiction and indeed a reference book that I have been asked to produce. If your dream is to publish a book don’t hesitate to contact them and if you have to publish books for your work then I would not hesitate to use their services.

David Addison
An Italian Journey, A Meander In Menorca, Sometime In Sorrento, Bananas About La Palma

"I am just about to publish my fourth book with AuthorHouse, so they must be doing something right! Writing your book is just the first step - possibly even the easiest! AuthorHouse can not only help you get your book published, but they have a range of strategies to help sell your book. Of course that comes at a price, but you can choose as many or as few options as you like and it is always free just to pick up the phone for friendly and helpful advice."

Anne Watkinson
Listen to my Heart

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. The process of getting my book into print has been a very exciting journey for me. As you know I have cancer, and I was given a very bad prognosis, and told that I would be lucky to see 2 years out!! I would never have been able to manage offering my book to a main publisher, as poetry is not a great medium for getting published, plus it would have taken so long, even if I had been accepted. This way, I get to enjoy it all so quickly!! I am still determined to try to do for poetry what JK Rowling did for children’s fiction!! This year is a great year to be doing that as it is the National Year of Reading. I have entered for the Hampshire Poet of the Year Award, as well, and that would be a great opportunity to encourage people to read poetry more often, as I feel it is a very neglected medium.

Dave Wisson
The Black of Gamma

The journey on which I embarked to have my book published has been a long and tortuous adventure with many heart wrenching disappointments. Then, one day I sent a tentative enquiry to Authorhouse with a view to have my book published on Print On Demand (POD). Shortly after, I was pleased to have received your comprehensive information pack which caused me to become more inquisitive about the service that Authorhouse offered. Your timing was impeccable as when I had just finished reading the pack and the phone rang and you were on the other end. Right away, you give me warm feelings with your excellent knowledge of the publishing industry, the true professionalism that you displayed and your friendly and reassuring manner.

Jane Beck
To Venice With Love

I found it so refreshing to meet a book publisher who didn’t boast about the size of their slush pile or the number of authors they were forced to reject every day of the week! So ten out of ten to Authorhouse for extending a welcoming hand. What impressed me most about Authorhouse was the speed with which they responded to my initial enquiry. Not only that but they sent a very detailed Author Services Agreement along with their Publishing Guide Book. Unusually for me I read all the small print and a few days later when a publishing adviser rang me I was ready with a list of questions which were promptly answered. It soon became clear that if I decided to publish with Authorhouse I would retain complete control, own the copyright and choose my own book jacket design. The rest of the publishing process was just as rapid and just under six months later I held the finished book in my hand.

It is an added advantage that Authorhouse makes their books available through the accepted book wholesalers and internet outlets like Amazon. Authorhouse is an extremely professional organisation with a team of experts to guide the author every step of the way and one has the feeling that they are willing you to succeed.

Richard Norris
The Promised Land, The Promised Land For Children

“I've had two books published through Authorhouse and the process has been very positive. The support I received from my personal adviser, Emma has been excellent. She has always been available to answer my queries, and has also made many useful suggestions in terms of marketing the book. Publishing with Authorhouse is a very attractive proposition as it does not close down your options of finding a more traditional publisher should you wish to do so later. I would recommend Authorhouse to any author who wants to see their work in print.

Clara Moyo
Rise Above The Storms

“As a new writer, I had no idea of the publishing process. AuthorHouse assisted me step by step, giving me realistic deadlines but most of the time, I had the work done sooner. It was affordable and the best part was that I could have different package combinations, tailor made to my budget. The team I worked with, Liam, Sasha and Elaine, was extremely patient with me as I had hundreds of questions. Keep the standard up AuthorHouse!!”

Lucy Adeniji
U-Carry-A-Seed, Right Parenting: God’s Way

“My experiences with my publishers Author House have always been awesome I have authored two books so far, and more on the way. They have always given me a warm and attentive audience both on the phone and by e-mails, the staff are always swift to respond to queries and questions, if I am given a choice, I would choose Author House again and again, Author House have made me a true authentic author for real! I say Thanks!”

R.T. Cain
The Swaying Sixties, The Staggering Seventies, Boydie

I looked around the vast Publishing Market before I contracted with Authorhouse. Right from the start I was advised and counselled by friendly, professional and knowledgeable people, both in the U.K. and the U.S.A. who clearly took an active interest in helping me to make the best of what I had to offer. I am so pleased with my first published novel, "The Swaying Sixties" that I have already started the ball rolling with three more books which will soon be published.

Authorhouse positively stimulated my interest. Their experience made them able to tackle any of the little problems arising in their stride in order to produce a professional, fast and personal service. The end product is both rewarding and worthwhile.

Dr Imad Hassan
The Princess of Egypt and That Mysterious Prophet, Shajara Code, Decoded, Azan Al-Anaam, Joseph's Triangle, NOTHING: A View Through the Eyes of the Dead

I selected a few leading publishers, e- mailed them and waited for the quickest most impressive response, and that was author house in less than 24 hours.

I submitted first my 'Princess of Egypt' as a test, as well as to develop my own experience in dealing with a publisher as a new a writer. This went very well, and I found that AuthorHouse has very supportive friendly staff based locally in the UK where I had access to them by phone and e-mail almost any time. Not underestimating the transatlantic support from USA, where the actual design takes place.

My biggest work so far was the [Shajara Code Decoded] proving the Darwinian Theory from the Qur’an and Bible. A book that challenges all the established wrong beliefs of devout, as well as scientists. Since the book is actually a translation of my Arabic ‘Azan Alanaam’, AuthorHouse was brilliant in publishing both the Arabic as well as the translation.

Since it was AuthorHouse who opened this huge door for me, I am quite happy to publish more through them. Loyalty is a moral code, not a written contract. Currently I am about to release my fourth book through AuthorHouse: [NOTHING: a view through the eyes of the dead], the first Islamic reply to Richard Dawkins' ‘God Delusion’. Had it not been to AuthorHouse, I wouldn’t have reached this stage, but more to come hopefully.

Keith Watson
Rough Justice

“Publication of ‘Rough Justice’ has given me a new lease of life, selling and marketing my book, spurred on by the professional support given from the outset by the design and production team and thereafter by my contact at Milton Keynes. In choosing Authorhouse, I was impressed with the flexibility of the support packages on offer that could be tailored to suit my budget and in terms of quality and value for money, I felt Authorhouse to be the best available.”

George Coombs
George, "John and Other Stories", George Moves on, Selected Poems by George Coombs

“I am George Coombs from Hove in Sussex and I’m looking forward to publishing my third book with Author House. I’ve found it best to follow up on the local author approach and have found a lot of interest locally for my work. Also to advertise in community centres the local press and wherever else you can. I have been very satisfied with the service from Author House and have worked well with Dean my advisor and I look forward to getting going again. I use my own art work for the covers of my books and this picture is on the cover of my first novel ‘George’.”