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The Editing Process

Five Areas for Improving Your Story’s Dialogue

So now that you have finished the first draft of your manuscript, it’s time to edit. AuthorHouse suggests you conduct a dialogue-specific edit once you have completed your first general edit. Here are five areas for you to look out for.

An Editor’s Guide to Producing a Compelling Romance Novel

More than 8,000 new romance titles were released in 2010, translating into sales of over $1.3 billion annually since 2006. Women account for 67 percent of sales of romance novels. The essence of every great romance novel therefore addresses subjects of particular intrigue to the fairer sex.

Read on for the seven foremost expectations of romantic novel readers.

Six AuthorHouse Book Editing Steps for Your Manuscript’s First Draft

Take a breath and remember that what you have written is only your first draft. Many of the world’s most successful authors will craft numerous drafts before they are completely satisfied that their story is ready for their readers. The next step is book editing.

Here are six book editing steps AuthorHouse recommends you take once you have completed the first draft of your book.

Avoid Grammar Gaffes

When you publish a book, your credibility is on the line. Follow these tips to get a better grasp on grammar for the benefit of your book.

Book Editing

Joel Pierson discusses his perspective after editing more than 500 books.

The Importance of Good Editing

With their manuscripts completed, many authors are overwhelmed with the abundance of options available for perfecting, publishing, and marketing their work. At that point, one thing a writer doesn’t want to overlook is good editing.

Common Writing Mistakes

As an AuthorHouse manuscript editor, I’ve seen mistakes of every variety. Some mistakes pop up more frequently than others, and these common errors are good ones to avoid.