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Four Easy Steps to Seduce Your Readers this Valentine’s

Let’s take a moment to consider the impact our Valentine’s gifts will have on our loved ones. Dinner out at your favorite restaurant is great, and so are chocolates and flowers, but what is going to leave the most lasting impression? The written word: a note, a love letter, even a tweet or a text. Or you can buy a book with a story you think will deliver a special message to your loved one.

Make the Most of the Year's Biggest Shopping Season

When temperatures drop, avid readers want to curl up with a good book. Could your book make the perfect gift for them? Use these tips from top-selling AuthorHouse authors to promote your book during the holidays and all year long.

Create Your Book's "Elevator Speech"

When marketing your book, it's important to be able to summarize your book and highlight why someone should read it in preparation for the day you run into a book buyer, literary agent, librarian or publisher.

Build a Platform: Don't Overlook Direct Sales

Customers won’t come to you; you must go to them. Authors have to let their readers know about their product before readers will try to purchase it.

Some Last-Minute Authorhouse Ideas to Make Good Use of the Book-Buying Season

Sell some extra books this holiday season as people look for last minute gifts. Books always rank high on gift lists, so AuthorHouse suggests a few places where you might be able to boost sales by making your book the easiest gift choice.

Make Your Book the Gift of the Holiday Season

The holiday bookselling season is upon us. People are looking for gifts to buy and what better time to get them interested in your book than now? Here are a few ways you can promote your book amongst the community and increase book sales by connecting with the people around you.