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The Marketing Plan

Poetry Publishing: Set Realistic Marketing Goals

You’ve published your first collection of poetry, and you’re an emerging writer officially on the literary scene — it’s no wonder you’re excited. But you can’t let your excitement run away with your sense of marketing.

Expert Advice: Winning Awards

By entering your book in literary contests, you have the potential to gain validation, credibility and renewed publicity opportunities for your title.

Take Aim & Sell Books

Don't let disorganization get in the way of your book sales. Keep your goals in sight and track your progress. Jessica May, AuthorHouse Marketing Analyst, tells you how.

Precision Marketing: Define, Learn, and Create Your Target Audience

In today’s society of copious information and thousands of products in the marketplace, it’s imperative that authors define who will likely notice, purchase, and pass along the news of their products.

Creating Your Marketing Plan
Part 1: Determining Your Sales and Marketing Goals

If you want to determine the best way to market your book, you first must know specifically what you want to accomplish with your marketing program. Your goals in writing the book translate directly to your marketing goals.

Creating Your Marketing Plan
Part 2: Outlining Your Marketing Budget

In the November issue of Voice in Print, we discussed determining your sales and marketing goals. Of course, any goals you set must be within the confines of what you're willing to spend.

Creating Your Marketing Plan
Part 3: Creating a Timeline for Your Marketing Plan

Although you’re going to want to get your book’s your book’s sales off to a strong start, you want to design a marketing campaign that will be effective for the long haul, not a short-lived blitz that won’t bring you sustained sales.

Slow and Steady Wins the Marketing Race

While it’s important to introduce your book with a big bang, the key to a strong campaign that reaches the right audience is persistence and time.

Getting Your Book into the Right Hands by Identifying Your Target Audience

More and more book titles are being published every year. This is great news for writers and readers alike. More writers are becoming published authors and readers can choose from a bigger selection than ever before. It’s an ideal situation. Or is it?