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Web Marketing

Understanding how the Web can work for you makes a world of difference when marketing your book. Learn how you can make the most of the Internet by reading these helpful articles.

Bring Your Book to Life with Online Video

Millions of users view online videos daily. Find out how to tap this huge audience with a video marketing plan for your book.

Your Author Web Site: What to Do and What Not to Do

Many authors are new to the world of Web site creation when they embark on creating their author site. Luckily, there are many options available to help authors create a Web site and present it to customers.

Promote Your Book with Twitter, Facebook, and Other Social Media Tools

It’s crucial to keep up with communication and networking breakthroughs so your book’s promotion doesn’t become tired and ineffective.

Creating Effective Content for Your Web Site

Choosing useful and compelling content for your site will attract your target audience.

Creating a Visible Web Presence

Attracting readers to your Web site requires a coordinated effort to make your site visible among the millions of other sites out there.

Taking Advantage of Amazon

Most authors are familiar with as an excellent distribution channel for their book. Few are aware of the numerous marketing resources available to them on the Web site.

Use Social Media to Have a Discussion with Your Readers

Your options for marketing your book using social media are vast, and the results can be highly rewarding, so overlooking your options would be a terrible waste of a wonderful opportunity.

3 Ways to Use Twitter Effectively

Social media can be a powerful tool for getting your message out to an extremely diverse audience. Learn how to ust Twitter to rev up your social network for your book.