Leadership is a Covenant

Leading People and Living Life More Effectively
  • Published: August 2007
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 268
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781434310767
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            In Leadership is a Covenant Len Moisan brings new meaning to the concept of leadership by demonstrating how the principles and power of covenants, properly applied, can increase engagement, improve productivity, create prosperity and transform people and organizations for the better.  We used to do business in America on a handshake because we trusted one another.  Now we look with more frequency to sue people if they offend us or to control them with regulation and the law.  As a result of this rise in legalism, trust in our society has declined.  Whether it’s in a family, a church or a multinational corporation, leadership in any kind of organization has become much more challenging.  The author argues that one key reason for the increased challenges leaders face is the fact that we have lost an understanding of the concept, the language and the principles of covenant.  Combining his experience as a consultant to businesses and nonprofit organizations and his research as an academician, Len Moisan makes the case that the essence of leadership is found in the dynamics of the relationships between leaders and followers. 


            The book is divided in two sections that include Defining Leadership as a Covenant and Understanding and Leading by the Principles of Covenant.  In the conclusion Dr. Moisan also provides a brief overview of a four step process for initiating and maintaining covenants.  He argues that covenants have always been central to the strength of America.  In fact, Alexis de Tocqueville observed in the 1830’s what he called “covenants” that existed between the American people.  Through a combination of dynamic and engaging interviews, the latest research on productivity, trust and profitability, and plenty of illustrations and examples; the author shows how at its core leadership is a covenant and that restoring covenants by applying the covenant principles, is the key to leading effectively in our personal lives, our homes and the organizations we serve.  It gives the reader language and imagery both for understanding the concept of covenant and then applying the principles to transform their personal and organizational relationships for the better.

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