A Walker's Alphabet

Adventures on the long-distance footpaths of Great Britain
  • Published: January 2011
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 516
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781452072999
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For those who need encouragement in taking up the pleasures of the long-distance footpath, a good beginning might be Chapter 1 (“A: Adventure”). If you want to know what to bring with you, look at Chapter 12 (L: Lists) and if you want to consider whom to bring with you, check out Chapter 3 (C: Companions), Chapter 11 (K: Kids) or even 4 (D: Dogs).

If you need some hints on where to head, particularly in Britain, consider Chapter 22 (V: Viewpoints); in the U.K. you will also find use for Chapter 20 (T: Transportation), Chapter 2 (B: Bed & Breakfast), Chapter 8 (H: Hotels), Chapter 16 (P: Pubs), Chapter 25 (Y: Youth Hostels), Chapter 6 (F: Food) and Chapter 23: (W: Weather). How to cope with health crises is discussed in Chapter 9 (I: Illness and Injury).  

What your feet will encounter on British footpaths is illustrated in Chapter 19 (S: Surfaces); human encounters are discussed in Chapter 5 (E: Encounters) and animal ones in Chapter 26 (Z: Zoo Story). Typical trailside chatter is revealed in Chapter 17 (Q: Questions).

How to select and use an appropriate guidebook is covered in Chapter 7 (G: Guidebooks), maps in Chapter 13 (M: Maps), and hints on figuring it all out on the ground in Chapter 18 (R: Route finding). What to do when your route in blocked is considered in Chapter 15 (O: Obstruction!), how to react when you get lost in Chapter 24 (X: X – The Unknown) and when to call it a day in Chapter 10 (J: Judgment).

Finally, if you want a quick insight into the reliability or even the sanity of the present author, check out his catalogue of grievances in Chapter 21 (U: Unforgiven) or his rambling obsessions in Chapter 14 (N: Neurotica).

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