The Black Dungeon Doorway

  • Published: July 2011
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 344
  • Size: 8.25x11
  • ISBN: 9781456780272
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The Black Dungeon Doorway The Black Dungeon Doorway is a Science Fiction/Fantasy Novel which I, Kyle Lance Proudfoot, have written. It is a romping metaphysical exploration through multiple realities with 4 characters: Orthe, Wodora, Aera and Pyre. With magical and technological devices and telepathic, psychic, telekinetic and magical abilities we go through worlds, progressing through Planes Of Existence. This happens through blinking doorways, doors, portals or gates with sensory panoramas opening up and new dimensions of mind, body and soul being discovered... Throughout our adventure, quest or mission we think, telepathically communicate, talk, converse, philosophize, debate and battle to explore the nature of reality. Regardless of your own opinions and beliefs, one cannot deny within the one big reality the existence of multitudinal different observations and experiences, thus multiverses. The storyline leads us to a greater discovery of our god-like heroic nature. In the stunning conclusion, there is a higher realization of the true and higher Power and Energy Level's in reality and how in some way we can each become Immortal! The Black Dungeon Doorway is not only a dark dungeon into the realms of the subconscious and/or unconscious but also a maze and puzzle as indicated by the chapter titles. In many ways, it is also not only a 4D symbolic representation and construction of the Universe but also of the human mind and various bodies, aspects and layers which we each possess. If you ask me, the Astral Plane or Dream World is not only symbolic, figurative and/or metaphorical but quite literal, especially in the After Life... The Black Dungeon Doorway is Part 1 of a trilogy. The second part is Planes Of Existence. The third and final part is The Door Of Light or Door Of Light. All three books are based on the complete MMORPG System which I have developed starting with Apotheum Colluseum, the Battle System of The Free Show. I grew up in Toronto, Canada, free spirited, idealistic and lightly optimistic. Though I have now put a good dosage of realism into my perspective, I will still have hope for the future and I will never give up my own 'dream of delusion'. In 1996, I moved to the Netherlands and continued my life's work which are on my websites in the form of FREE Draft's. I have a propedeuse in both Philosophy and Psychology and my highest acquired diploma is MCSE (NT). I am presently busy as a Webmaster, Web Designer and Web Developer and am next to being an Author, also a Musician, Artist and Actor. See my resumé. My interests are diverse: Literature, Films, Music, Art, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Photos, Video, Philosophy, Religion, Science, Politics, Space, Travel, Biking, Fitness, Nature, The Free Show, 3D Games, 3D Game Development, Family, Friends, Information Technology, Open Source Programming Languages, Cooking. Personally, I have a strong sense of humor and am an intellectual and emotional Pisces with my Moon in Aries. I like to be direct and honest but sometimes one has to put water in the wine. Since a young idealistic teenager, I have always had a good sense of Moral's and Values, however this is also tempered by logic and reason. I like to read, debate, argue, converse and philosophize about various topics, alone and with others... Having funny, fun and relaxation is a top priority in all my activities, otherwise I cannot take life seriously either, or I get too stressed out... My two websites are: and . I also have other url's which refer to these two sites such as the title of my books. I hope you enjoy reading The Black Dungeon Doorway since I put all of my mind, body, energy, spirit and soul into it, drawing on the most fantastical and hyper modern ideas and information I could think of for a science fiction/fantasy environment. Written by: Kyle Lance Proudfoot © 2011 Third Edition and Print All rights reserved including the right of reproduction in whole or in part in any form AuthorHouse 1663 Liberty Dr, Ste 200 Bloomington, IN 47403

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