• Published: August 2012
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 236
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  • ISBN: 9781477259092
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Steephen Greenblatt's comment on Amerrycountry, subtitled Autorabiography is: ''I am genuinely impressed by the inexhaustible and daring verbal inventiveness of Amerrycountry.'' The Taylor and Francis review written by Dr. Bahram Meghdadi, the most prestigious professor and critic of English literature in Middle East, published in the volume 47, Issue 6, 2014 Journal of Iranian Studies, Oxford University, has claimed Amerrycountry a 21st century literary ''masterpiece'' which surpasses even Finnegans Wake, and which deserves to reach a ''universale''. Dr. Meghdadi who got his Ph. D. from Columbia University believes, the art of writing novels has been revived once again by Amerrycountry, a ''phenomenon'' in world literature. Dr. Homa Katouzian the distinguished professor and editor of Iranian Studies Journal of Oxford University, after finishing to read Amerrycountry called it an ''original'' story. Ariel Dorfman's assistant at Duke University, Suzan Senerchia, has commented on Amerrycountry as: ''I did read Amerrycountry and found it interesting in your use of words. Your combination and use of words, as well as your choice of which words to combine, were very clever and imaginative.'' Professor Mark Burnett from Queen's U. Belfast commented on Amerrycountry as: ''cleverly'' written. Beheshti U. distinguished Professor and critic of English literature, Dr. Amir Ali Nojumian who received his Ph. D. from Leicester U. has commented on Amerrycountry as follows: ''I eventually finished reading your work and enjoyed it a lot. I think your command of English is excellent and your portmanteaus, or let's say portmantorabis, are quite thought-provoking and pentertaining. Many of the words you made, for example ''sexpert'', "textpress" and ''universale'' were very innovative. This reminds me of this quotation in your work: "It seems that languages langucage us! Or rather, we let ourselves be langucaged. Languages, after many years, limit and numb us, although at the start they empower us." Your metafictional and intertextual attitude to writing is quite novel and postmodern (while reading your work, I was reminded of Tristram Shandy.)

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