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Another AuthorHouse Author’s Book to Become a Movie

A writer’s goal is clear. Even before they have sat down to pen their manuscript they know the goal is for their story to become a published book. Usually there is a dream attached to the writer’s goal as well. That dream is their story will one day be brought to life on stage, TV or on the silver screen.

The Healing Properties of Writing

This has certainly been Dr. Joseph Ruggiero’s dream. In fact it is a dream he has been working on tirelessly since retiring from Self Help Movement, the drug and alcohol treatment facility he founded over 40 years ago and where he still serves as CEO Emeritus. Dr. Ruggiero believes so “deeply in the healing power of fiction,” he integrated it into his work as a psychotherapist.

“I produced a yearly dinner theatre. I would have my clients perform in the plays, and connect the experience to their treatment plans. I directed over 41 plays, 10 of which I wrote.”

Unsurprisingly this love and belief in writing drove his desire to become a published author. His first book, A Rose on 9th Street, was published through AuthorHouse in 2002. He also dreamed he would see it turned into a movie one day.

A Rose on 9th Street

Dr. Ruggiero draws upon his roots for A Rose on 9th Street. Set in South Philadelphia in 1956, the story focuses around Bob O’Connor’s courtship of his boss’ already engaged daughter, Maria Pontello, and the danger he subjects her family to through his involvement with local organized crime. “The changes portrayed are a reflection of a new age, of a city and a country that became altered permanently.”

From Dream to Reality

Dr. Ruggiero’s dream is poised to become truth. A Rose on 9th Street will be turned into a movie this year, a decade after its first release. “If you have the passion to turn your novel into a movie, I urge you to go for it. Don’t let anyone rain on your dream,” says Dr. Ruggiero as encouragement to his fellow writers who share similar aspirations.

Transition from Novel to Screenplay to Movie

Adapting A Rose on 9th Street from a novel into a screenplay “was a challenge, but the dream was motivating. In a screen play the emphasis is on showing the story more than telling. Dwight Wilkins, director of A Rose On Ninth Street, has been my mentor and friend. He has helped me make the transition to Screen Writer.”

A Rose on 9th Street, the movie will be in post production until May this year and there are a number of “interesting possibilities” for the movies release through a variety of interested distributors. Dr. Ruggiero is obviously extremely excited to be so close to seeing this project come to fruition. He has worked on the script for five years and the movie has been in the planning stages for the past two years.

How to Market Your Book Successfully

Dr. Ruggiero’s confidence in the potential for his movie is based on the strong support base the novel, A Rose on 9th Street, has built up since its release in 2002. He has been extremely active in promoting his book through a multi-channel marketing campaign. This campaign has used Radio and newspaper interviews as its foundation. Further internet promotion has led to various positive reviews for A Rose on 9th Street and resulted to the book being stocked on the “shelves of different stores in the community.”

A Highly Anticipated Premiere

Ruggiero has been extremely impressed by the movie’s production team, cast and crew. When asked if there were any Hollywood stars he dreamed of having portray A Rose on 9th Street’s leading characters, he replied there were none as he is “very happy with [the] cast.” Their performances, along with the media attention the film has generated, have resulted in almost 4,000 YouTube hits on the movie’s trailer already.

Dr. Ruggiero’s AuthorHouse and Self-Publishing Experiences

It would seem that Dr. Ruggiero’s excitement is well justified. We here at AuthorHouse congratulate him on his perseverance in achieving his dream of seeing his story brought to life on film and seeing it through until the end. He in turn had this to say about his experiences working with AuthorHouse as his publishing partner:

“My experience with AuthorHouse has always been very positive. [Self-publishing] gave me the opportunity to get my work published.”

Raggabooty and Future Projects

Dr. Ruggiero’s second novel was also published through AuthorHouse in 2008 and is entitled Raggabooty. He is currently working on a third book about a serial killer terrorizing Philadelphia’s gay community, which he plans to call The Christal Umbrella. He is already developing the screenplay along with the manuscript.

Find out more about the upcoming movie, A Rose on 9th Street, on their official website.