Author Spotlight

From Being a TV Icon to Living in Her Car and Back

Coronation Street. An unassuming residential area in Manchester, England. You might be surprised then to hear that stars such as Oscar winners Ben Kingsley (Ghandi) and Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot), Star Trek’s Patrick Stewart, musicians Davy Jones (The Monkees), Mel B (The Spice Girls), and even author Lynda La Plante (Blood Line) have visited the locale.

Who Fancies a Pint Down the Rover’s Return?

And that’s because Coronation Street is the setting for the world’s longest-running soap opera. Its signature cornet piece theme tune filled living rooms across the United Kingdom for the first time on 9 December 1960, over 8,000 episodes ago. Since then, the cast of Coronation Streethas been welcomed into millions of homes on a daily basis as part of the extended family.

This month’s featured author is a relatively new member of the Coronation Streetcast. Pamela Nomvete was born in Ethiopia, graduated from the Welsh College of Music and Drama, and then moved to South Africa where she would become a South African icon playing numerous award-winning roles on television and in movies. Today she has returned to England and has played the character of Mandy Kamara in Coronation Streetsince September 2012.

Leaving it All Behind

So why did Nomvete leave the adulation of her fans and her life of luxury in South Africa? This is a question she answers as a fellow AuthorHouse author and the inspiration behind her new book, Dancing to the Beat of the Drum.

Nomvete describes her tale as “the cliché of a riches-to-rags horror story.” From the outside looking in, she was a superstar idolised by adoring fans and living the lifestyle of the rich and famous to its very letter. For Nomvete, however, her personal life was a secret nightmare of “infidelity in the guise of a polygamous husband, addiction and spiritual confusion.” To win against her battle against her “own pit of self-denial,” Nomvete had to forsake all the accoutrements of fortune and ended up living in her car for two weeks.

“It would seem the only victory lies in finding the beat of the drum and dancing to it.”

Life Lessons to Share

Nomvete returned to London in 2007 and resurrected her acting career. She has performed on stage, appearing in many theatrical productions, including with the Royal Shakespeare Company and, of course, landed a role in the nation’s best-loved television series.

She decided to write and share the lessons she learned from her experiences, especially those two weeks living out of her car in Johannesburg. Dancing to the Beat of the Drum is written to inspire “people who believe they have no worth to see their value and use it to encourage others like them.”She passionately believes that anybody, no matter who they are, has the power to change their own lives and their community for the better.

Nomvete should know, as she has seen and experienced both sides of the coin. Today, she has rebuilt her life. She is not only involved in a relationship with a “wonderful man” but is also bringing joy to millions through her acting performances. Nomvete says,

“I believe in the power of the human spirit and will continue to work to unleash the potential in myself and others.”