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Paul Binder: Juggling Life

Paul Binder: Juggling Life

A man who has lived most of his life bringing awe to the public, Big Apple Circus founder Paul Binder isn’t slowing down at any rate. In fact, Paul Binder has decided to share his fascinating and magical experience with the public through his AuthorHouse-published book entitled Never Quote the Weather to a Sea Lion.

The book recounts the thirty-five years he spent creating the spectacular show. It celebrates the author’s life in and out of the circus as its founder and founding artistic director. Binder invites his readers inside the fence every kid peers through for an intimate look at the uncommon life of circus artists, their animal partners, and the roustabouts who spend their days in a world that is both close-knit and international, high-minded and low comedy, death-defying and ludicrous.

Currently, Binder works as a senior advisor to the Big Apple Circus, which he fondly describes as “circus done right” and “the finest up close circus in America” as named by Variety. He was also featured on the PBS 6-hour series about life in the circus.

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