Author Spotlight

The Multitalented Sanjini Bhakta

There is no shortage of talent with Sanjini Bhakta. She has had experience as a model, acted in and produced the film Eye of the Empress, holds a black belt in martial arts, and still finds time to travel the world.

This Zimbabwe-born wunderkind has experience in the arts as well, winning a number of literary eisteddfods. On the back of her academic achievements, including a degree in history and a master’s degree in speech communications, Bhakta has published two books with AuthorHouse.

My Life as a Dollar Bill and The Chocolate Pony both trace unusual journeys from interesting perspectives: the former detailing the adventure of a bank note as it finds its way into a classroom, and the latter through the eyes of a homeward-bound filly travelling past zoos and circuses.

We share a moment with Bhakta this month as the multi-hyphenate discusses what influences her writing style and more. See how this exceptional individual lives the life she does while still creating inspirational content for young children.

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