Author Spotlight
Mark Crear

Author Spotlight

Double Olympic Games Medallists Autobiography Is Pure Gold

Imagine being a talented collegiate track-and-field athlete. You rise through the ranks until you are the best 110-metre hurdler in the country. You dont stop there. You become the number 1 ranked 110-metre hurdler in the world and represent your country at two Olympic Games, winning a silver medal the first time around and a bronze medal the second, as you are nearing the end of your career.

Now imagine winning that Olympic Games silver medal while running with a broken arm. Then, four years later, you are in the Olympic Games final once again. This time you are not only competing against the seven best athletes in the world, but against the double hernia you are battling with.

Those silver and bronze medals are suddenly even more impressive, arent they? And that should come as no surprise. Mark Crear is not only a great track-and-field athlete; he is an extraordinarily impressive human being.

Clearing the Hurdles of Life as Well as Those on the Track
From a childhood of abuse, abandonment, rejection and disappointments to star athlete, AuthorHouse author Mark Crear refused to quit. He has cleared every hurdle in his life, whether it be those standing between him and the finish line on the track, or the obstacles that have challenged him in life.

In his book, Why My Silver is Gold, Crear invites you to please sit back, open your mind and heart, and allow my story to encourage, inspire, and minister to you a spirit of hope. In doing so, you will see and understand why my silver is gold.

Life Imitates Athletics
Today Mark Crear is Dr. Crear. He earned his doctorate in Theology in 2002 and has become an ordained minister, as well as being a motivational speaker and life coach. His lifes path finds him a long way from his troubled, tumultuous childhood. He now dedicates himself to helping others deal with and clear the hurdles that impede their own lives. His inspirational autobiography, Why My Silver is Gold, is written to show you why tough times dont last but tough people do! Crears own realisation of this started on the track.

I was a late bloomer and did not start running until my senior year of High School. And after I fell down in a race and got back up and still won, reinforced to me that I can do this and win at it.

Athletics the hurdles was an escape for me. It was the only thing that I did that no one could take from me. The harder I worked the better I became. It reminded me that hurdles are a part of life its how you deal with them that makes the difference. Thats the message I want to share with my audience(s).

True Stars Shine Brightest During the Darkest of Hours
Crears athletic gifts were apparent to everyone. His athletics career is one of distinction with the name Mark Crear etched into numerous national and international titles for posterity. He was the worlds number one 110-meter hurdler three times and remains only one of twelve men and eight Americans in history to have completed the course below the magical thirteen-second barrier.

His talent and dedication is unquestionable. He is one of the worlds all-time greatest hurdlers. But what makes his achievements all the more remarkable is the way he overcame his personal trials as well as those posed by his competitors and the nature of his chosen discipline.

Any athlete can produce a personal best performance when they are in peak physical condition, in top form and are running in ideal weather conditions and on an ideal surface. But what does it take to perform at that level when you are competing against seemingly insurmountable obstacles? How is it possible to win an Olympic Games medal with a broken arm or a double hernia?

Truly, if there is a will there is a way. You have to really know your purpose to tap into the passion to achieve your goal(s). My drive was that Im going to run no matter what you could have shot me in the leg and I was going to run. All one can ever expect from oneself is to diligently try Thats my message to my audience.

From Athlete to Entrepreneur
It is this drive that made him want to help others once his athletics career had finished. He established Mark Crear Enterprises, which stands as a model for entrepreneurial success. Crear is very clear in his reasons for wanting to share his experiences for the betterment and enhancement of the lives of others.

Well, all my life all I ever wanted was a hand up, not a hand out! Many people just need someone to give them a word of encouragement followed by action(s). Thats what I do and what I give because someone gave it to me. My faith in God has been my driving force and energy.

Crear shares that those who have read his book have been inspired and reminded that tough times dont last, but tough people do Thats why my silver is Gold.

An Author Should Approach Their Writing as an Athlete Approaches Their Training
Mark Crear adopts a similar approach to his writing as he did to his athletics training and has these words of wisdom for fellow authors to raise their writing to Olympic Games standards:

Depending on what type of genre you are writing . . . depends on your tactics. I, normally start writing from the heart, and then go to the education ending up with a unified project that will educate as well as stimulate the reader.

AuthorHouse Awarded a Gold Medal
Crear has also been very impressed with his AuthorHouse experience and enjoyed working with the self-publisher a great deal. So much so that he has recommended friends and fellow authors to engage AuthorHouses services.

I truly enjoyed and enjoy working with AuthorHouse. The staff is down to earth yet professional and knowledgeable in their respective areas of expertise. I would recommend them and actually have recommended them to colleagues.

How to Market Your Book
Crear may have retired from athletics in 2001, but his involvement with the Olympic Games will continue in London this July. He will be doing some television commentating and is also planning a marketing campaign for Why My Silver is Gold to coincide with the worlds greatest sporting event. This will include book signings and other events where fans will be able to meet him in person.

He is also in discussions to turn his story into a movie. When asked who he would like to portray him in a biopic, Crear revealed he would like to play himself during the later years and Will Smith to play him in his younger years, if he can learn to hurdle! If not, then a new, up-and-coming actor would be ideal.

Mark Crears Tips for the London Olympic Games 110-Meter Hurdles
So what differences has the 110-meter hurdles gone through during the decade since his retirement, and what does Crear think of todays top athletes? We asked him if he has any tips for who will be standing atop the podium during the medal ceremonies in London.

Well the athletes today are fast and strong looking. David Oliver, [Dayron] Robles & [Xiang] Liu are big strong and fast. However, during my time . . . we raced more head to head and week in and week out we would line up and run together. Today, the three great ones dont meet head to head as much.

New Book Project
Crear is also working on a new book project which he is calling Emotional Keloids and is about healing properly so emotional and relational infection wont dominate your future. It teaches you how to overcome painful hurdles of life.