Author Spotlight


Some of published books that were adapted into Hollywood screens.

Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown

A blockbuster movie sequel.

Long March to Freedom by Tom Hargrove

This was turned into a blockbuster movie, Proof of Life, with Russell Crowe and Meg Ryan. This is based on a true story.

September Dawn by Carole Whang Schutter

Directed by Christopher Cain and starring John Voight. This was released in August 2007.

The Color of the Prism by Tom Nichols

The author optioned movie rights to Tarantino Productions.

Growing up Laughing with Eddie Murphy by Harris Haith

Optioned movie rights.

Rugaroo by John S. Myerchin

The author optioned movie rights to the former executive producer of The Exorcist.

Doctor Lopez by Elliott Baker

The author optioned movie rights with role for Dustin Hoffman for the movie.

A Fine Madness by Elliott Baker

The author optioned movie rights. This inspired a 1966 movie with Sean Conner.

Lord Vishnu’s Love Handles by Will Clarke

Film rights have been sold to Paramount.

Undercover White Trash by David L. Kilpatrick

Movie rights have been optioned to producer Beth Grossbard.

The Climbers by George R. Robey

The book is a corporate thriller optioned to Hollywood-based Rafelson Media Consulting, Inc. for a future large-scale movie production.

Better Off Dead by John Paul Carinci

The author optioned movie rights to Charles Addessi, producer/director of Wannabees.

How Can An Angel Take My Heart? by Regina Knox

The author optioned movie rights to Warner Brothers.

Matari by Luke Rhinehart

The author sold movie rights to a Hollywood production company.

Whim by Luke Rhinehart

This is currently being shopped by Paramount for movie production.