Author Spotlight

Award Winners

A Heart to Mend by Myne Whitman

A Nigerian author who won 4 awards at the Nigerian Blog Award.

If the South Rises Again it'll Be Over My Dead Body by Arnold Kane

Written by an Emmy award winner for Private Benjamin, Alice, etc.

Who Killed Patton by Ferdie Pacheco

He won 3 Emmys and is an accomplished artist and fight doctor. He was Ali’s cornerman for 17 years.

Benjamin Kritzer by Bruce Kimmel

Nominated for 2 Grammy awards, he wrote, directed, and starred in Naked Space with Leslie Nielson, did the first nudie musical with Cindy Williams, and wrote the story for the movie The Faculty.

The Last Generation by Oliver Crawford

He was nominated for multiple Emmys and Writers’ Guild awards. He was formerly a blacklisted journalist. His novel The Execution became an NBC movie.

The Shelling of Beverly Hills by Martyn Burke (plus 4 others)

He has written screenplays for such comedies as Paramount's Top Secret and The Second Civil War for HBO. He wrote and directed the hit TNT movie Pirates of Silicon Valley, which was nominated for five Emmys, including Best Screenplay, the Producers Guild Award for Best Film, and the Directors Guild Award for Best Directing.