Author Spotlight


John Mellencamp, 43 seconds to Hiroshima

Rock and roll musician in th e Hall of Fame.

Buddy Ebsen, Kelly's Quest

Former TV Star of the Beverly Hillbillies, Barnaby Jones, and more. His book hit the L.A. Times’ Bestsellers List

Dick Curtis, The Way We Were

He played in major TV shows and movies, hosted 2 game shows, and appeared on The Johnny Carson Show, and created many voices for Walt Disney.

Paul Winchell, Winch

A famous ventriloquist with his own TV shows, including Winchell-Mahoney Time. He also appeared on many TV shows and had been the voice of Tigger for over 30 years.

Rita Rudner, Naked Beneath My Clothes

A popular comedienne who has appeared on Leno, Letterman, and Regis. She has a Vegas show, was a regular on Hollywood Squares, and has written and produced several movies for TV.

Sam Wellington, Who Wants to Be a Country Music Star

He was a member of The Grand Ole Opry for 33 years.

Allan Rich, A Leap From the Method

He played in over 60 films including Amistad, Quiz Show, and Jack.

Art Metrano, Metrano’s Accidental Comedy

He played Lt. Mauser in the Police Academy movie sequels and has appeared in over 40 other movies and over 65 television shows.

Shane and Sia Barbi, The Eco Anti Diet: Plus Confessions

Both authors are known as the Barbi Twins and supermodels for Playboy. They also played many cameo roles in the movies.

Tina Wesson, Out Live, Out Laugh, Out Love

She was the winner of the reality show competition, Survivor: Outback.

Hank Moonjean, Bring in the Peacocks

He was the producer/executive producer of Stroker Ace, Sharkey’s Machine, Smokey and the Bandit 2, Hooper & The End, and Dangerous Liaisons. He was the assistant director for Blackboard Jungle, Cool Hand Luke, and Odd Couple.

Lajoyce Brookshire, Faith Under Fire: Betrayed by a Thing Called Love

He is the author of the book, Soul Food, which became a blockbuster movie.

Carl Gardner, (Lead Singer for the Coasters)

He is a rock and roll musician in the Hall of Fame.