Author Spotlight

Political Books

Letters to the Next President, Senator Richard Lugar

The author is a senior senator from Indiana and US Senate Foreign Relations Chairman. He ran for President.

Sins of South Beach, Alex Daoud

The author is a former three-term mayor of Miami Beach

Justice Denied, Jim Brown

The author is a Louisiana state senator who served 8 years as secretary of state. He served as the commissioner of insurance for 12 years.

Amazing Adventures of Cong. Roger Zion, Roger Zion

The author is a former US congressman from Indiana who negotiated on behalf of the US Government with representatives of the Peoples Republic of Vietnam for h umane treatment of POWs during the Vietnam War.

Eye of the Storm: Inside City Hall During Katrina, Sally Forman

The author was the New Orleans communication director during Huricane Katrina.

Citizen Power: A Mandate for Change, Sen. Mike Gravel

The author is an Alaskan senator famous for filibustering the end to the draft