Author Spotlight

Successful Children’s Books

The Financial Fairy Tales: Dreams Can Come True, Daniel Britton

Dreams Can Come True tells the story of Tom, the woodcutter's son, with big dreams. Under the mentorship of his wealthy uncle, can he overcome his humble beginnings and reach the life of his dreams? Or is success snatched away at the last minute?

The Financial Fairy Tales: The Magic Magpie, Daniel Britton

The Magic Magpie tells the story of a brother and sister, Jacob and Hannah, with very different approaches to money and life. Jacob is practical and sensible, while Hannah is looking to get rich quick. Her greediness lands her brother in giant trouble—she needs to think fast and work hard to try and rescue him from a grizzly end!

The Financial Fairy Tales: The Last Gold Coin, Daniel Britton

The Last Gold Coin tells the story of a young prince who returns from an adventure to find his Kingdom in ruins. All seems lost as a wicked witch plots against him and steals all the gold from the castle vault—all except one last gold coin.

Twins: Meet the Doctor, Tasja Van Wyk

This book was intended to help parents to make trips to the doctor a little easier. It is a modern illustrated children's book about twins,Kyle and Kayla's visit to the doctor.