What are the advantages of publishing with AuthorHouse? What is the AuthorCentric process?

Since its inception, independent voices with a story to tell have been the driving force in the publishing industry. At AuthorHouse we’ve created an AuthorCentric process designed to help you achieve your unique publishing goals on your own terms.

As today’s media conglomerates continue to buy traditional publishing houses, these companies reject 98% of all unsolicited manuscripts. The only “problem” with these manuscripts is they cannot guarantee a large profit margin. When manuscripts are accepted by these large houses, the content is edited to fit within the publisher’s vision and the production process can take over a year before a title is actually available for sale.

AuthorHouse offers you the ability to publish your book without having to make concessions to a large publishing house. Publishing your book with AuthorHouse allows you greater editorial freedom and the ability to follow your unique vision for the project. Throughout our AuthorCentric publishing process, you collaborate with AuthorHouse Book Designers to ensure your vision is translated into a custom-designed book that can be on the market in a matter of weeks.

You’ll begin the process with an in-depth conversation with a Publishing Consultant to discuss your project goals and then choose the services that align with your goals. From line editing to promotional press releases, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production and promotion of your book.

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You decide what is best for your manuscript, and we design the book around your ideas. Our Book Designers provide advice and support while allowing you to maintain creative control over all aspects of your book. For more information about our book publisher services or our AuthorCentric publishing process, sign up to receive your copy of The Writer's Guide to Book Publishing. This in-depth guide explains our process and invites you to take your self-publishing journey with us. You may also call freephone 0800 1974150 to speak with one of our Publishing Consultants.