How do I find Poetry Publishers or a Poetry Publishing Company?

Publishing poetry is easy with AuthorHouse. For many, writing and publishing a collection of poetry is a life-long dream. As your poetry publisher, we'll guide you through every step of the process of how to publish a poetry book, from publishing to distribution. Your poetry book will be available for order at online book retailers worldwide including, and through the AuthorHouse online store.

Ninety-eight percent of all unsolicited manuscripts submitted to traditional poetry publishers are rejected. Some poetry publishers suggest hiring a publishing agent, which can be expensive and time consuming. At AuthorHouse, you can publish your own poetry book in black and white or full-colour and bypass the rejection letters and literary agents.

We can publish your book as a trade-quality paperback or hardcover title in as little as four to six months. Other poetry publishers simply can't compare. As a publishing author, you are also eligible to take advantage of our comprehensive suite of poetry publishing tools for your book marketing efforts.

If you have a love for poetry and would like to learn more about poetry publishing with AuthorHouse or why AuthorHouse is one of the best poetry publishers in the industry, complete this form to receive your copy of The Writer's Guide to Book Publishing. This in-depth guide explains our process and invites you to take your publishing journey with us. You may also call freephone 0800 1974150 to speak with one of our Publishing Consultants.