How do I publish a book? What is book self-publishing?

In the past, if you wanted to learn how to publish a book you had to hire a literary agent or submit your manuscript to book publishers yourself. Over 98 percent of all unsolicited manuscripts submitted to traditional book publishers are rejected. Hiring a literary agent is expensive and time consuming. That’s why we’ve built our self publishing business around you, the author, and designed a process to best help you reach your publishing goals. Throughout our AuthorCentric self publishing process, you collaborate with AuthorHouse author advocates to ensure your vision is translated into a custom-designed book. Our Publishing Consultants provide advice and support while allowing you to maintain creative control over all aspects of your book. You decide what is best for the project, and we design the book around your ideas. At AuthorHouse, we will show you how to become your own publishing agent by self-publishing your book and bypassing the literary agencies.

With AuthorHouse, you can publish your own manuscript and maintain the copyright. We answer all of your how-to questions and guide you through every step of the book self-publishing process, from publishing to distribution. At AuthorHouse, we learn about your vision for the project before we begin to work on your book.

To fully understand your ideas, each author has the opportunity to speak directly with their design team. During an in-depth conference call, you can verify all information about your book, select a book size and discuss ideas for your custom colour cover. You also speak directly with your book designer, who is responsible for the layout and interior design of your book throughout the production process. After reviewing your manuscript, the book designer collaborates with you to choose the most attractive and readable design for your genre. Your book will be available for order at online book retailers worldwide including and through the AuthorHouse online store.

At AuthorHouse, you self-publish your own manuscript in black and white or full-colour and bypass the rejection letters and literary agents. As an AuthorHouse author, you are eligible to take advantage of our comprehensive suite of book promotion tools.

If you would like to learn more about how to publish a book with AuthorHouse or would like to learn more about self-publishing, complete this form to receive your copy of The Writer's Guide to Book Publishing. This in-depth guide explains our process and invites you to take your self-publishing journey with us. You may also call freephone at 0800 1974150 to speak with one of our Publishing Consultants.