Walking Through an Online Submission

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Publishing with AuthorHouse

Welcome to the AuthorHouse Online Submission Tour.  

To get started, you will need to log on to your AuthorHouse account.

Click the gray tab on the upper right-hand side of the screen that says “Author Centre

Logging In

The link will take you to the Login page.

  • If you have already registered, enter your e-mail address and password, then click Submit

In order to ensure complete and accurate information, please create only one account per author.

Starting the Submission

You are now logged in to your Author Centre account. To begin the online submission process, go into “My Message” and click the link that reads “Submit Materials.”

Here are some tips:

  • If you have any questions during the submission process, please contact AuthorHouse at 0800 1974150 for assistance.

You may exit the process and return to it later by logging in to your AuthorHouse account and clicking the same link. All information previously entered will be saved for you to continue your submission.

Customer Profile

This is a fairly straightforward page; we’re just looking to collect some basic information from you (name, address, telephone number). Once you are finished filling in the required information, press the yellow button labeled “Update.”

Author Biography

The Author Biography is limited to 50 words or less (if you choose to have it on the back of the book) and should contain three key elements:

  1. A statement that illustrates why the author is qualified to write the book.
  2. A less formal statement about qualifications (“an avid reader of mystery novels,” for example).
  3. A statement about where the author lives.

Key Book Information

In this step, you’ll include basic information about you book, including Title, Subtitle, Pen Name (if you choose to use one), and Author Credits. The Pen Name is how the author’s name is listed on the book.

Book Format

In this step, you’ll select your book binding size. Please be aware, if you have more than one book format type, you must select the same book size for each type.

** Please keep in mind that hardcover books are available in 6" x 9" only.


  • Enter the original year of copyright (For a new manuscript, enter the current year).
  • Registering your work with the U.S. Copyright Office provides peace of mind and provides a public record of the author’s ownership of the material. If you select U.S. Copyright Registration service, AuthorHouse will complete the necessary paperwork and submit it, along with two required copies of your book, to the U.S. Copyright Office. Once registration is complete, you will receive an official certificate that verifies your book’s coverage under U.S. copyright regulations.

** Please note, we do not copyright your work. If you would like your work copyrighted, you will have to apply to the U.S. Copyright Office.

Front Cover Elements

Provide us with information about how you want your book cover to look.

If you are submitting your own cover art, please submit it in a TIFF (.tif) or JPEG (.jpg) format at 300 dpi. These are the only graphic formats we are able to accept.

AuthorHouse creates its book covers using a large stock photography library. For instance, if you want a Union soldier from the Civil War on your cover, we will likely be able to accommodate that request. If you want a Union soldier with blonde hair, a beard, and a musket on his shoulder, we may struggle to find an appropriate image.

Back Cover Elements

The Back Cover Copy is limited to 200 words. Take a look at some of your favorite books to get some ideas. It is important to type this information carefully because it will appear on your book and will be among the first things a reader sees. It’s not a good place for a typo!

Marketing Information

The information that you enter here may be as important as any part of your book. These statements should hook the reader and encourage them to keep reading. The Keynote is a 25-word statement that summarizes your book.

Keywords help a reader who is interested in the subject matter of your book locate it on the AuthorHouse.com Website. It is not necessary to include words from the title or the author name here. Good keywords might include things like time and place (14th century England) or other elements of the book (dragon, druids, elves).

Audience Level and Book Genre

Please provide us with some general information about your book, including Audience Level or the target audience and Book Genre.

Uploading Your Manuscript

On this screen, you will be sending us your manuscript. You will not be able to move beyond this point to upload other items for your book until you upload your manuscript.

Browsing for Your File

Upload Book Cover Images (optional)

Upload Book Interior Graphics (optional)

Upload Author Photograph (optional)

Submission Complete