FAQ AuthorHouse UK Web Site Updates

(as of October 3, 2010)

Did the bookstore link to my book detail page change?

Yes, the link to your book detail page has changed. Please update your records to reflect the new link. Use the advanced search feature in the Bookstore to query the title of your book. Then select your title from the results. Click on the link and you’ll be directed to the new page for your book.

How can I let others know that my book detail link has been updated?

The best practice related to link updating is to discover which sites are actually linking to your page. (To do this, all you need to do is visit Google.com and enter “link: https://www.authorhouse.com/bookstore/book_detail.asp?isbn=x-xxxxxxx-x-x” (where x=your book’s ISBN) in the search bar.) Once you have a complete list, contact each site to inform them of the link update.

I see you added a tagging application for social bookmarks in the bookstore. How does that help me promote my book?

Social bookmarks are designed to help spread the news about great content on the Web. For book detail pages, we’ve added the ability to easily create social bookmarks to help others who view your book share the link with others, which brings more traffic back to your book’s detail page.

I am having difficulties logging into the Author Centre. What should I do?

If you are having trouble logging into the Author Centre, your account may be temporarily unavailable but your information is not lost. If you need some information immediately please contact Author Support at 0800 1974150.

Why is my cover image missing from the AuthorHouse Book Shop?

This is only temporary. We apologize for this inconvenience and we are working on the issue.

Why is my publication year incorrect on the AuthorHouse Book Shop?

Please be assured that your data is intact and we are working to resolve the issue.

Why can’t I find my book on the AuthorHouse Book Shop?

To find your new book shop link, please search for your book in the Advanced Search tab. Once you find and click on your book, you will see your new link you can use to update any personal Web sites, links, etc.

If you still can’t find your book listed, please be assured your book is only temporarily unavailable. Your information has not been lost, and we are working on resolving the problem. We appreciate your patience.

I have a question about the new site. To whom shall I direct my inquiry?

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our Author Assistants line on 888-728-8467 (freephone).