How do I find a publisher for my biography or memoir?

Many people have a strong desire to write a memoir and leave their personal story behind for future generations. Most want to see those experiences published as a book.

At AuthorHouse, we can help you achieve both of those goals: fulfilling your dream to publish and enriching lives by sharing your memories and lessons learned. We can assist you with every step of the memoir publishing process, including:

  • Editing your manuscript to ensure your story is clear and concise.
  • Designing a custom full-colour cover and interior layout
  • Publishing a black and white or full-colour book in paperback or dust jacket form
  • Distributing your book internationally with a unique ISBN
  • Selling your book through bookstores, online outlets and your own Web page

If you have a desire to publish your memoirs or publish a biography and you're interested in self-publishing your book, AuthorHouse can help. Sign up to claim your complimentary copy of The Writer’s Guide to Book Publishing. This in-depth guide explains our process and invites you to take your publishing journey with us. You may also call freephone 0800 1974150 to speak with one of our Publishing Consultants.