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The New York Review of Books is one of the most prestigious literary-intellectual magazines, read and written by the foremost writers in the publishing industry. The most important issues on American life, culture, and politics are discussed in the journal by writers who are themselves a major force in world literature and thought. With a worldwide circulation of over 135,000, it has been described by The Chicago Tribune as “one of the few venues in American life that takes ideas seriously. And it pays readers the ultimate compliment of assuming that we do too.”

View this infographic to learn more about the New York Review of Books and the benefits of advertising your book in this publication.

Here’s your chance to include an ad of your book in this twice-a-month printed magazine touted as “one of the most influential and admired journals of its kind.” With this package, you also get a guaranteed book review from BlueInk Review, which is the first service devoted exclusively to reviewing self-published books.

Ad Slot: one of 12 titles per page
Ad Copy: 25 words per book

What You Need to Know

Marketing your book is essential for its overall success. The cost for this service is £3,399.00. To learn more or to order this service, please call your Marketing Consultant today!