Retail Focus for Children's Books


So you’ve written a children’s book. Now it’s just a matter of waiting for bookstores to stock it, right? Unfortunately, despite the steadily increasing sales of self-published titles, getting your book into brick-and-mortar bookstores continues to be a tough nut to crack.

Promote your children’s book to independent bookstores across the United States with the AuthorHouse Retail Focus for Children’s Books Service!

Retailers take numerous factors—your book’s subject, sales potential, and returnability, to name a few—into account before stocking a self-published title. Even the most PR-savvy and tenacious authors have difficulty getting their book onto the shelves of their local bookstore!

Through a strategic combination of print ads in two publishing-related periodicals, a gallery display on BookExpo America, and a customised sales kit, our Retail Focus for Children’s Books Service helps authors like you promote their work to bookstores across the US!

About Children’s Advance Catalog

This is a bimonthly buying guide that highlights the best in children’s publishing. It includes children’s products for all ages, author interviews, buyer recommendations, and reviews. This publication is read by over 7,000 retailers, librarians, and international customers via print, as well as 29,000 international and domestic booksellers and librarians in digital format.

About ForeWord Magazine

One of the most reputable publications in the industry, ForeWord is a bimonthly magazine with a readership of more than 30,000 librarians and booksellers — including 1,100 American Bookseller Association members—all of whom make buying decisions and reader recommendations that affect the reading habits of millions of patrons and consumers. It is carried in all Books-A-Million bookstores, select Barnes & Noble stores, and independent bookstores across the US. Founded in 1998, it is still the only magazine showcasing critical reviews and title trends exclusively from the expanding independent publishing market.

About NTS Book Expo America

This event offers a dynamic environment for sourcing new titles, building relationships, and discovering the latest technology trends as well as educational programs to support your progress as an author.

This service includes:

  • A customised sales kit to be used in pitching your book to a total of 25 independent bookstores across the US (with focus on a specific area or state) for three months
  • A single-slot print ad in Ingram’s Children’s Advance Catalog
  • A single-slot print ad in the quarterly publication ForeWord Magazine
  • A gallery display and catalogue listing at the New Title Showcase (NTS) Exhibit of BookExpo America
  • The Booksellers Return Programme for 12 months
  • A guarantee that at least 2 of the bookstores/retailers will agree to test your book

Contact your Marketing Consultant on 0800 197 4150 to learn more or to purchase this service, or view the FAQs here.

Important Notes:

In order for us to guarantee that at least two bookstores/retailers will test your book, we may recommend that you allow our professional designers to make your book cover more acceptable to retailers at no extra cost. Retailers also prefer books that have been professionally copyedited. Make sure your book is retail-ready with these editorial services.

Your book’s official publication date must not be more than two (2) years ago; alternately, you or your book must have received recognition in any form (an award, a 5-star review, or media coverage) in the last 24 months. If your book does not meet these criteria, we cannot guarantee that the bookstores/book retailers will stock a test copy.

Your book must already be available for sale before the campaign starts.


Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Prices listed do not include any applicable sales, use, excise, value-added, goods and services, or other tax, which will be added to the total at the time of purchase. Other restrictions may also apply.