Cover Design

When you publish a book with AuthorHouse, our design team will work with you to create a unique book cover that exceeds your expectations.

Custom Cover Illustration

  • Let our artists help you create a one of a kind, eye-catching, custom cover for your book.

Custom Cover

  • Our team of talented designers will work directly with you to design to a cover that best reflects your wishes and the subject of your book.

Personalised Backcover Design

  • Adding a Personalised Backcover Design can add a degree of personalisation to your book's design. When you purchase this feature, the graphic designer will seamlessly integrate the photography/artwork you provide onto the back of your book. The aesthetic appeal of your book is enhanced with the combination of artwork and text, allowing the reader to learn more about you, the author.

Text Changes on Cover

  • This AuthorHouse service pertains to any text that is changed on the cover layout.

Colour and Image Changes on Cover

  • These changes include imagery and design elements on the cover layout that are NOT text changes.