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Have you ever considered how a radio interview might affect your book’s marketing plan?

If the answer is yes, then AuthorHouse can make your voice available on the airwaves to help you reach new audiences and further your cause.

Radio Interviews

Online Interview

  • Position yourself as an expert on your book’s subject matter and put your voice on the radio. Whatever your reason, getting on the radio can give you a powerful marketing push. The Online Interview service is a strategic marketing tool to enhance your marketing plan.

Broadcast Interview

  • Harness the power of the airwaves and give your book 10 minutes of radio broadcast focus with the highly respected and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Stu Taylor.

Online + Broadcast Interview

  • With the Online + Broadcast Interview, you and your book will be featured on the highly respected and nationally syndicated radio talk show host, Stu Taylor. Plus, you’ll be interviewed on a weekly online radio show, AuthorTalk Radio.

Radio UK - Basic

Did you know that the average person listens to the radio for more than 21 hours per week? Promote your book on the airwaves with a 30-second ad aired on a radio station of your choice

Audio Snip Packages

What can you do in 30 seconds? With this service, you can reach out to potential readers with a 30-second audio teaser for your book. Depending on the package you purchase, we’ll even have the teaser aired on terrestrial radio, an advertising platform that encompasses a network of AM and FM radio stations.

If you’re not sure which service will best fit your marketing needs, please contact a Marketing Consultant at 0800 1974150.