The Bookbag Review

One of the best ways to build your book’s credibility is to have it professionally reviewed. But, as a new author, how do you get reviews from reputable sources--the opinions that readers trust?

Enter our Bookbag Review service! AuthorHouse UK already gives authors access to a variety of book review services, so how is this one different? Most importantly, The Bookbag Review—exclusive to our Premier Publishing Package—is a market-specific service that offers an honest, impartial review from a UK book reviewer.

The Bookbag, an online review site, was founded in 2006 to help address the difficulties self-published authors face in getting reviews from credible sources. Now you can take advantage of The Bookbag’s trusted position in the publishing industry to help spread the word about your book!

What does The Bookbag Review service include?

  • A professional book review posted permanently on, together with links to purchase your book from Amazon UK and Amazon US.
  • A rating of 1-5 stars, based on your book’s quality and excellence.
  • A dedicated author page at with your photo and a brief biography, along with a link to your author website (or bookstore page).
  • Your book and the first paragraph of its review will be featured on The Bookbag homepage for one (1) week.