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Author Doug Wojcieszak Speaks Candidly About Writing and Publishing

Doug Wojcieszak and his co-authors, James W. Saxton, Esq. and Maggie M. Finkelstein, have a story to share, and they have worked hard to make sure their words are heard. They recently published their book, Sorry Works! 2.0: Disclosure, Apology, and Relationships Prevent Medical Malpractice Claims, with AuthorHouse. Read on to learn about their journey.

What was it that convinced you that you needed to write this book?

Teaching doctors and nurses to say “sorry” after a medical mistake is growing in popularity across the United States and around the world. However, apologizing and providing support to patients and families after something goes wrong has not traditionally been taught in medical and nursing schools. Medical professionals needed help understanding this very important topic. They needed a “how to” manual on apology – and this was our primary reason for writing Sorry Works! There was a need in the marketplace for this type of book, and we intended to fill that need. So far, we have sold over 10,000 copies of Sorry Works! and sales continue to be strong. We believe the book is a great success.

What challenges did you face getting the book published?

A literary agent informed us it could take over two years – or longer - to find a publisher willing to accept the manuscript and get the book into print. Two years! We didn’t want to wait two years. Medical professionals needed help learning how to apologize now.

AuthorHouse was the solution to our problem.

By choosing to work with AuthorHouse, we could focus on writing Sorry Works!, as opposed to drafting cover letters and making follow-up calls to traditional publishers. Furthermore, we could have entire control over the content and direction of the book – we didn’t have to convince an editor our direction was proper. By using AuthorHouse’s Fast Forward service, we were able to bring Sorry Works! to the marketplace 30 days after the manuscript was completed. Finally, we were able to set the price – and royalty – for our book. We had complete control of the process, which was refreshing.

What were the effects of successfully publishing your book?

The publication of Sorry Works! has increased our on-site presentations and training engagements with hospitals, insurance companies, and medical associations. The book is a great marketing tool for our business.

People need to understand that the finished product you receive from AuthorHouse has the same look and feel as any book you could buy at any major bookstore (in fact, all AuthorHouse books are available through Barnes & Noble, Amazon, etc!) So, when you complete the process with AuthorHouse, you are a published author. Many additional business opportunities may come your way with being an author.

How have you marketed your book?

AuthorHouse has marketing services for first-time authors; however, we chose AuthorHouse because we didn’t need marketing help. We already had a large, public platform through our Web site (, our Sorry Works! electronic newsletters, and our industry contacts. All services – including marketing – are a la carte with AuthorHouse. You only pay for what you need. If, however, we had placed the book with a “traditional publisher,” a large percentage of our sales revenue would have gone back to the publisher to support their marketing efforts, which would have greatly reduced our royalty.

Do you have any tips for fellow writers about writing or publishing?

Control over the process is very important, and that’s what you get with AuthorHouse. You can truly make your voice heard at the time appropriate for you, as opposed to your voice and the editor’s voice when publishers get around to producing your book.

Marketing is also very important. Either you need to have your own marketing platform or consider marketing assistance from AuthorHouse. Simply writing a book and expecting consumers to purchase it is akin to people in the late 90’s who thought websites would market themselves. You have to drive people to your book much like traffic is driven to a successful website. Marketing is the way you do it.