Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to edit my book?

The timeframe will depend on the length of the manuscript and the level of editing required. However, editing is done on a first-come first-served basis and fulfilment of our services can take up to 4 months. At any given point, there are several manuscripts waiting for editing. Our editing staff takes these in the order they are received. Your patience will be rewarded with a professionally edited manuscript.

I just don't like the way my book flows. Could your editors give me some suggestions as they are editing the book?

One of our core beliefs at AuthorHouse is that your book is your voice. We don't want to change your voice at all; however, we can make suggestions if you would like. Our Line Editing service is designed to ensure that your words are accurate and proper, so that the reading public can follow your message. If you need more in-depth editing, Developmental Editing is an excellent option. With this service, we will address areas such as plot, flow, and character development.

I have just written a book in Spanish (French, German, Russian . . . ). Can I get copyediting?

AuthorHouse's editors work in English only. We may be able to recommend an outside editorial service for your language of choice.

I trust your editor. Can I just accept all changes to save time?

You can, but we don't encourage it. Our editors are very skilled, but sometimes, if you have written a sentence that deliberately goes against our house stylebook (The Oxford Style Guide), and the editor changes it, you may want to reject that change. By looking through the entire manuscript and each suggestion, you can ensure that your book retains the voice and style you wanted, while correcting any errors our editor has found.

Will I be able to talk with my editor?

Confidentiality is essential for an atmosphere of professional honesty. Just as we protect our authors’ privacy by prohibiting our editors from disclosing information from any editing done, we likewise do not disclose our editors’ identities. Maintaining this confidential relationship allows our editors to provide straightforward, honest feedback. Our contract with our editors requires us to keep their identities private, so we can’t allow authors to personally speak with their editor. If you have brief, specific questions regarding your editing, you can call the editorial department at 0800 1974150.

What’s so important about editorial quality?

Higher editorial quality can give you more credibility as an author, while a book that is filled with errors can hurt an author’s reputation. No matter how you publish your book, you’ve made a promise to your readers that it contains all the elements expected in a professionally published work.

Why should I use AuthorHouse’s editorial services, rather than having a friend edit the book?

Quite simply, because you care about quality. AuthorHouse offers a wide range of editorial services so that you can choose the level of editing you feel your book needs. Your friend may be a good speller or a grammar whiz, but our editors are experts in the field of publishing, using industry-standard resources and rules to make your book the best it can be. We double-check every manuscript for quality before it comes back to the author for review.

Why do I need to do the author review process?

When the edited manuscript comes back to you, it is important to go through it page by page and word by word. Our editors are very skilled, but in the end, no one knows your book better than you do. You may disagree with a change the editor has made, and the author review process is the only chance you’ll have to make those changes (or add or delete new material) before the book goes to design, production, and galleys.

Please note: AuthorHouse accepts a very low margin of error in each completed edit, no more than 3 percent of the total errors found. Our professional in-house editorial staff reviews each editorial service for quality assurance. Upon reviewing your edited manuscript, if you believe that an unsatisfactory number of errors remain, please create a list of the errors and the page numbers on which they appear and email it to us, and a member of our staff will go over the list with you.