Editing 101: Your Guide to the Different Types of Editing
Ready to publish your book? Here’s something you should keep in mind before handing in your manuscript: your book isn’t finished simply because you’re done writing it.

You still have to work towards transforming your book into the best version it can be by making sure it is error-free—and that means getting your work edited.
But what exactly do we mean by “editing”?
Not all editing is alike. Depending on the kind of review your book needs, getting it edited can involve different processes: proofreading, copy-editing, line editing, content editing, or developmental editing.

Here at AuthorHouse, we offer core and advanced editing services that can help you polish and tighten your prose.
Let’s first focus on copy-editing, one of our core services.
What is copy-editing?
How can our copy editors help improve your book?
Using the Oxford Guide to Style as foremost reference, they will correct errors in:
We will also be including suggestions where we think some sentences can be improved or recast for coherence, conciseness and readability.
What other editing services do we offer?
Not all manuscripts will need a copy-edit. Others will only require a quick review, while the rest will benefit from a more in-depth check.
Core Editorial Services
These services focus on the technical parts of your writing.
Line Editing Content Editing Content Editing Plus
Do you only require basic editing for your work? Our professional editors will review your manuscript for errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax. Need help with sentence structure and grammar? A content editor will review your work for spelling and grammatical errors, consistency and word usage. Think your book needs a more extensive check? Our content editors will review your work's sentence structure plus your work’s accuracy.
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Advanced Editorial Services
This service focuses on improving your work's content, plot and pace.
Developmental Editing
Want your edit to include a wider scope? One of our developmental editors will review your manuscript and identify the big-picture elements that need to be improved. A content editor will also assist you in checking your manuscript for errors in grammar.
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Not sure what kind of editing your book needs?
With our editorial assessment service, our team of editors will help you identify the parts of your work that need to be polished. We will give you a general assessment of your manuscript and a commentary towards improving it.