Children's Advanced Package

Children's Mastery Package


For authors who want the most options for publishing an eye-catching, illustrated children’s book, our Mastery Package is what you’ve been waiting for. With up to 50 image insertions, 20 simple image manipulations, and ten Fine Detail illustrations, Mastery allows you to fine-tune your book to an extent not possible in other packages. Throw in 12 months in the Booksellers Return Programme and inclusion in the book exhibit at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, and it’s obvious why it’s our top-of-the-line package for children’s books.




  • 1 Paperback Author Copy
  • 20 Paperback


Additional editing, design, marketing, and bookselling services can be purchased separately.

Disclaimer: Package includes the cost of the book copies, but you're responsible to pay the cost of shipping and handling.